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From John Hardin <>
Subject Re: Calling spamassassin directly yields very different results than calling spamassassin via amavis-new
Date Tue, 15 Jan 2013 18:55:17 GMT
On Tue, 15 Jan 2013, Ben Johnson wrote:

> On 1/14/2013 8:16 PM, John Hardin wrote:
>> On Mon, 14 Jan 2013, Ben Johnson wrote:
>> Question: do you have any SMTP-time hard-reject DNSBL tests in place? Or
>> are they all performed by SA?
> In postfix's
> smtpd_recipient_restrictions = permit_mynetworks,
> permit_sasl_authenticated, check_recipient_access
> mysql:/etc/postfix/,
> reject_unauth_destination, reject_rbl_client
> Do you recommend something more?

Unfortunately I have no experience administering Postfix. Perhaps one of 
the other listies can help.

> Hmm, very interesting. No, I have no greylisting in place as yet, and
> no, my userbase doesn't demand immediate delivery. I will look into
> greylisting further.

One other thing you might try is publishing an SPF record for your domain. 
There is anecdotal evidence that this reduces the raw spam volume to that 
domain a bit.

> Given this information, it concerns me that Bayes scores hardly seem to 
> budge when I feed sa-learn nearly identical messages 3+ times. We'll get 
> into that below.
>>> If so, then I guess the only remedy here is to focus on why Bayes seems
>>> to perform so miserably.
>> Agreed.
>>> It must be a configuration issue, because I've sa-learn-ed messages
>>> that are incredibly similar for two days now and not only do their
>>> Bayes scores not change significantly, but sometimes they decrease.
>>> And I have a hard time believing that one of my users is sa-train-ing
>>> these messages as ham and negating my efforts.
>> This is why you retain your Bayes training corpora: so that if Bayes
>> goes off the rails you can review your corpora for misclassifications,
>> wipe and retrain. Do you have your training corpora? Or do you discard
>> messages once you've trained them?
> I had the good sense to retain the corpora.


>> _Do_ you allow your users to train Bayes? Do they do so unsupervised or
>> do you review their submissions? And if the process is automated, do you
>> retain what they have provided for training so that you can go back
>> later and do a troubleshooting review?
> Yes, users are allowed to train Bayes, via Dovecot's Antispam plug-in.
> They do so unsupervised. Why this could be a problem is obvious. And no,
> I don't retain their submissions. I probably should. I wonder if I can
> make a few slight modifications to the shell script that Antispam calls,
> such that it simply sends a copy of the message to an administrator
> rather than calling sa-learn on the message.

That would be a very good idea if the number of users doing training is 
small. At the very least, the messages should be captured to a permanent 
corpus mailbox.

Do your users also train ham? Are the procedures similar enough that your 
users could become easily confused?

>> Do you have autolearn turned on? My opinion is that autolearn is only
>> appropriate for a large and very diverse userbase where a sufficiently
>> "common" corpus of ham can't be manually collected. but then, I don't
>> admin a Really Large Install, so YMMV.
> No, I was sure to disable autolearn after the last Bayes fiasco. :)


>> Do you use per-user or sitewide Bayes? If per-user, then you need to
>> make sure that you're training Bayes as the same user that the MTA is
>> running SA as.
> Site-wide. And I have hard-coded the username in the SA configuration to
> prevent confusion in this regard:
> bayes_sql_override_username amavis
>> What user does your MTA run SA as? What user do you train Bayes as?
> The MTA should pass scanning off to "amavis". I train the DB in two
> ways: via Dovecot Antispam and by calling sa-learn on my training
> mailbox. Given that I have hard-coded the username, the output of
> "sa-learn --dump magic" is the same whether I issue the command under my
> own account or "su" to the "amavis" user.

OK, good.

>>> I have ensured that the spam token count increases when I train these
>>> messages. That said, I do notice that the token count does not *always*
>>> change; sometimes, sa-learn reports "Learned tokens from 0 message(s) (1
>>> message(s) examined)". Does this mean that all tokens from these
>>> messages have already been learned, thereby making it pointless to
>>> continue feeding them to sa-learn?
>> No, it means that Message-ID has been learned from before.
> I see. So, when this happens, it means that one of my users has already
> dragged the message from Inbox to Junk (which triggers the Antispam
> plug-in and feeds the message to sa-learn).

Very likely.

The extremely odd thing is that you say you sometimes train a message as 
spam, and its Bayes score goes *down*. Are you training a message and 
then running it torough spamc to see if the score changed, or is this 
about _similar_ messages rather than _that_ message?

> When this scenario occurs, my efforts in feeding the same message to
> sa-learn are wasted, right? Bayes doesn't "learn more" from the message
> the second time, or increase it's tokens' "weight", right? It would be
> nice if I could eliminate this duplicate effort.

Correct, no new information is learned.

> Based on my responses, what's the next move? Backup the Bayes DB, wipe
> it, and feed my corpus through the ol' chipper?

That, and configure the user-based training to at the very least capture 
what they submit to a corpus so you can review it. Whether you do that 
review pre-training or post-bayes-is-insane is up to you.

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