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From John Hardin <>
Subject Re: Claims manager / LOTTO_AGENT
Date Thu, 08 Nov 2012 15:44:22 GMT
On Wed, 7 Nov 2012, Michael Orlitzky wrote:

> On 11/07/2012 10:36 PM, wrote:
>> On 11/07, Michael Orlitzky wrote:
>>> This is my fault, of course, but I'm not allowed to mass-check this
>>> stuff. It's ongoing legal correspondence.
>> Er, what?  You're not allowed to provide a list of which rules hit each
>> of your emails?  Or you're not allowed to run a program on your emails
>> that isn't spamassassin?  Or did I just not put "This does not require
>> sending us your email" in bold enough times on the masscheck page?
> This is a client of ours (a law firm) and not the company that I work
> for. *I* know there's probably nothing sensitive in there, but just to
> cover my ass I'd need to get permission to send the results off-site.

Only the list of rules which hit is publicly visible, the actual content 
of the message is not. Any leakage of confidential information is very 

> From their perspective, it's just simpler to say no: it's not worth the
> time or effort to even think about if there's a minute chance of it
> coming back to bite them legally.

I will take a look at "claims manager" in the 419 rules.

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