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From Alex <>
Subject Understanding KAM_MXURI
Date Tue, 27 Nov 2012 19:31:27 GMT

I've had one of KAMs rules in place for quite some time, so I'm not
sure where specifically I got it, but it's tagging ham from
and wondered if someone could help me with it:

#MX URI - Scored lowered from 2.5 to 1.5 due to FPs reported by
Christopher X. Candreva - see https://issues.apa for bug on issue
uri             KAM_MXURI       /^(?:http:\/\/)?(mail|mx)\./i
score           KAM_MXURI       1.5
describe        KAM_MXURI       URI begins with a mail exchange
prefix, i.e. mx.[...]

It appears this would hit on just "" correct? Or even,
for that matter. Shouldn't the rule be a little more robust than to
hit on something as simplistic as that? Perhaps require the http, or
that there's no real hostname part? How would this rule be modified to
do that?

Maybe this rule has even been deprecated since I first started using
it and I should just remove it?


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