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Subject Re: HK_LOTTO hitting ham from the UK national lottery
Date Wed, 31 Oct 2012 17:51:30 GMT
On 10/31, Niamh Holding wrote:
> A> if you provide a few dozen samples of these hammy msgs , they can be 
> A> included in the SA ham corpus
> That can be supplied, an mbox of a good supply do?
> A> you can directly contribute to rescoring by running a masscheck instance
> A> as per:
> A>
> Currently not so easy as-
> a) all high scoring spam is dumped by procmail
> b) I'd need to get back from all the users details of misclassified
> messages so they could be moved to the correct corpora.

You could just provide "a few dozen samples of these hammy msgs" via
masscheck.  The more you can provide, and the more representative it is,
the better.

Not including high scoring spam isn't a big problem.  Things spamassassin
gets wrong are most useful.

The automated score generation used for the sa-updates comes from email
from about fourteen people, so anything you can provide would probably
be beneficial.

At the bottom of that page is an "UploadedCorpora" link which you can use
to upload the emails themselves without even needing to run masscheck

"You only truly own what you can carry at a dead run."
- 14th & 15th century Landsknechts

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