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Subject Re: BAYES_99 score
Date Mon, 22 Oct 2012 18:15:43 GMT
On 10/22, JP Kelly wrote:
> Should I set the BAYES_99 score high enough to trigger as spam?
> I get plenty of spam getting through which does not get caught because BAYES_99 is the
only rule which fires and it is not set to score at or above the threshold.

You could.  Some people only use bayesian filtering, which would be
similar.  The important question is, how many false positives (non-spams
flagged as spams) would that cause?  SpamAssassin's automated scoring
attempts to achieve 1 false positive in 2,500 non-spams, with a score
threshold of 5.0.  So if you don't have an absolute minimum of 2,500
representative non-spams to check for having hit BAYES_99, you risk
increasing your false positives.  But it's your risk to take.

Huh, ruleqa doesn't track hits to BAYES_99?

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