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From Arthur Dent <>
Subject Re: Pyzor?
Date Sat, 06 Oct 2012 20:26:56 GMT
On Sat, 2012-10-06 at 12:28 -0700, John Hardin wrote:

> Ah. That looks a lot better. "test" isn't a valid email so it's not 
> surprising that pyzor doesn't return a response. The second test, using a 
> valid email, shows that everything is (or at least should be) working 
> properly. SA _is_ seeing a response from Pyzor, indicating that message is 
> not in the database and is also not whitelisted.
> I apologize that I didn't look closely enough at your original post to see 
> that you were sending "test" through it rather than a properly-formatted 
> email message. I've updated the wiki to address this more clearly.
> I think you're good to go.

Ahh! Thanks John...

I'm sorry to have wasted the bandwidth here, but I got fixated on the
exit code of 1 which must be hardwired in my brain as an error...

Anyway - Thanks again. I really appreciate your help.


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