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From email builder <>
Subject Re: SPF and DKIM tests by default?
Date Thu, 16 Feb 2012 23:18:37 GMT

>>  On 2/16/2012 4:54 PM, email builder wrote:
>>>>   but it's misconfigured trusted_networks and 
>>>>   internal_networks what causes SPF to misfire...
>>>   Thank you sincerely for your help. I can only imagine that SPF 
>>> wouldn't 
>>>  fire if I accidentally specified Google in one of those settings or had 
>>> an error 
>>>  in one of them. In this case, those are at their defaults of empty, so 
>>> I'm 
>>>  hoping there are other suggestions. Thanks again..
>>  Letting trusted_networks empty is not generally a good idea.  In
>>  particular, if your SA server is using a private IP, it will default to
>>  trusting too much.  Specify your local networks in trusted_networks and
>>  see if that helps your problem.
>>  Leaving trusted_networks empty does not mean "trust nothing";  it 
>>  means "let SA figure out what to trust".
> Makes sense, especially if my hunch about the "relayed through one or
> more trusted relays, cannot use header-based Envelope-From, skipping"
> part of the debug output I just sent to this list is on track.
> Is there a way to set trusted_networks on the command line of the
> spamassassin command just for testing?

This didn't work:

spamassassin -D --cf='trusted_networks' -t example_email_no_spf 2>&1 | grep
-i SPF

All my local handoffs are to localhost [] so I wouldn't know what else to use (it's
an all-in-one single server simple system)

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