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From Adam Moffett <>
Subject Re: new paradigm
Date Wed, 23 Nov 2011 20:11:14 GMT
On 11/23/2011 02:22 PM, Christian Grunfeld wrote:
>> Undoubtedly it is *easier*, just as I can easily eliminate all my spam by
>> unplugging the ethernet cable.  Just keep in mind this method would only be
>> useful for people who already know who they want to talk to.
> And that is the big % of what people do or want to do ! most people
> wants to comunicate with who they want to talk to !
> I think you are defining people in the wrong way. Do not assume by
> default that people want spam !

If you described your idea to bunch of average internet users and 
surveyed them about it, you'll find that a big % of them probably think 
they do agree with you.  When you go to implement it for real you'll 
find that the percentage of users who actually stick with the idea in 
the long run will get smaller and smaller.  It's hard for an idea that 
requires users to change their behavior to gain traction and keep it.

Please prove me wrong.  I would be super happy if you're right because 
it would make my job tremendously simpler.

I do like the idea, and I would try it for my own personal email because 
it would be easy to do and there truly aren't many people I want to talk 
to once I get home from the office and I think I'd be done whitelisting 
people by the second day.

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