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From Mark Martinec <>
Subject Re: Whitelisting with DKIM
Date Wed, 02 Nov 2011 00:37:41 GMT

> > No, the DKIM_VERIFIED (or rather: DKIM_VALID, as it is now called) 
> Shouldn't then L_UNVERIFIED_GMAIL be updated to rely upon DKIM_VALID
> instead of the deprecated DKIM_VERIFIED?

Yes, definitely, if still in use. Where did you find it, it's not
one of the stock rules. Probably posted (possibly by me) a long time ago.

With the introduction of ADSP support in the DKIM plugin (see
the Mail::SpamAssassin::Plugin::DKIM man page), the function of
a L_UNVERIFIED_GMAIL has now (since version 3.3.0) been taken over
by the following adsp_override directive and corresponding rules
in the stock SpamAssassin ruleset:

adsp_override      custom_med

header DKIM_ADSP_CUSTOM_MED  eval:check_dkim_adsp('2')
score NML_ADSP_CUSTOM_MED  0 1.2 0 0.9 0.9 spam points to a mail claiming to be from
but not having a valid DKIM signature (and similarly for other domains
known to be signing all their outgoing mail).


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