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From Martin Gregorie <>
Subject [Fwd: Re: How long a rule can be?]
Date Fri, 25 Nov 2011 18:13:32 GMT
On Fri, 2011-11-25 at 11:49 -0600, Sergio wrote:
> I have the following rule where I wrote all the HELO spammers that SA
> didn't caught, I insert the new HELO everytime that I found one. My concern
> is, is too much for just one rule or the rule can grow without limit?
When I asked this question a while back I was told that "several MB"
should be OK. Currently my largest rule has 371 alternatives. It and a
few friends are passed to SA as a 24 kb .cf file.

If you're finding your rule is starting to get difficult to maintain,
take a look at my rule assembly tool, which is designed to allow such
rules to be defined in an easily edited file for each rule that are used
to create a single .cf file. See:

I was thinking of using a server plus plugin to do this but was
convinced that this 'portmanteau rule' approach was better: it certainly
works well for me.


> header   CHARLY_RULE1    ALL =~
> /(actaddonuniverse\.net|albeitnetworks\.com|allotic\.info|andersonbolt\.info|atefchoca\.info|backtobackfunding\.com|baskan\.info|betabel\.info|black-and-whiteticket\.info|bodygid\.info|brevardphysicians\.net|cheetloope\.info|circuitfivenine\.com|claimatic\.info|cmasyria\.com|complementhold\.com|CORE5PUMPER2|dauksstold\.info|dtsetfieri\.info|eshisha\.org|evegashotels\.com|felisranty\.info|finkleandthecleanshorts\.com|fisterfarms\.info|furium\.info|furizer\.info|gardenhowevercity\.net|grownvegetables\.com|hookerdaybyday\.info|hostalmiraflores\.com|hotrodbailbondsks\.com|juddy\.org|laughsidecant\.net|layeredvpnzervices\.com|lyonlandscapema\.com|maritimecranesimulator\.com|miiiley\.com|mixcomstar\.net|monitorstarway\.com|naturopathyport\.info|netcontrolusa\.com|pataboden\.info|peoriachat\.com|powerfulrun\.com|print2floors\.com|relacionesy\.com|slowlybuymorning\.info|stonyroadalbum\.com|straighttin\.info|sumejorweb\.com|surelycomplainsecretary\.info|teuksull\.info|theharborccc\.org|themiamibeachheat\.com|thoroughlydevelopment\.info|tivolicn\.com|whaukferth\.com|barrchickenjoint\.info)/i
> describe CHARLY_RULE1    Charly Spammers
> score    CHARLY_RULE1    11
> Regards,
> Sergio

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