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From "Brian J. Murrell" <>
Subject Re: --virtual-config-dir without -u
Date Sun, 16 Oct 2011 19:58:25 GMT
On 11-10-16 03:37 PM, RW wrote:
> Could you not just run a script from cron that does chown ${USER}:spamd
> and chmod g+rw on all the files in the virtual home directories.

You seem to have gotten lost in minor details and lost sight on the
original problem which is that of being able to run spamd in such a way
that it setuids to the user receiving the mail (i.e. run as root, so
without -u) but also looks for the user_state dir (i.e. which is usually
~/.spamassassin) somewhere other than the user's $HOME
(--virtual-config_dir).  These two concepts, for some strange reason,
seem to be mutually exclusive.

If we can solve that, issues like permissions, etc. are easy to resolve.


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