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From "Brian J. Murrell" <>
Subject Re: --virtual-config-dir without -u
Date Sun, 16 Oct 2011 18:31:01 GMT
On 11-10-16 02:08 PM, Martin Gregorie wrote:
> Yep. A brainfart on my part.

No worries.  :-)

> OK - if the MTA runs spamc (Postfix does this via a service defined as
> part of its configuration - others MTAs have a similar ability) the -u
> facility can be used to select the preference file much as it does now,

AFAICT the -u parameter just tells spamd what user to run as but spamd
will still look for .spamassassin in that (spamc -u specifed) users
$HOME.  So that doesn't really put my any further ahead than I am now.

Besides, some users want to have procmail rules before (and/or after)
spamc is run so pushing spamc into the MTA doesn't really work.

> but procmail isn't needed and you'd run a POP server (I like Dovecot 0-
> zero maintenance: it Just Works) that users use to collect their mail
> and their MUA can sort mail into spam folders, etc. on their local
> machines.

I like to give users MUA-independent methods of sorting (and otherwise
processing) mail, hence the need for .procmail.  That reduces the load
on per MUA mail handling support.

> That only leaves user preferences. Put them where spamd expects to find
> them, and add a symlink to the user's NFS mount point on the server.

Yeah.  I have been considering an approach like this where $HOME on the
server is a local dir with the .spamassassin dir in it and a symlink to
their automounted $HOME like:

$ ls -la $HOME
drwx------   4 brian brian        4096 2011-10-16 08:52 .spamassassin
lrwxrwxrwx   1 brian brian          35 2011-10-16 09:17 real_HOME ->

and /autohome is an automount dir mounting the $HOME from the user's
machine to the server.

But then anyone logging into the server needs to know this and know that
their $HOME on the server is different than their local, native $HOME.
It seems like I really shouldn't need to go through these gyrations just
to be able to point spamassassin to a different directory tree for their
"state dir" (i.e. what is usually their ~/.spamassassin) dir.

> Of course, this assumes that all the procmail recipe does is to run
> spamc, but you haven't said it does anything else.

Indeed, it doesn't for some users which is why I need to keep procmail
in the loop.  But also, giving spamc to the MTA does not yet prove to
solve anything anyway.


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