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From "Brian J. Murrell" <>
Subject Re: --virtual-config-dir without -u
Date Sun, 16 Oct 2011 17:39:12 GMT
On 11-10-16 01:31 PM, Martin Gregorie wrote:
> Have you thought of running spamc remotely? This way you could avoid the
> need to login the the server just to process mail.

Hrm.  I'm not sure I follow.  The server receives the mail and the
server delivers it to the user's mailbox but on the way it passes
through spamd by way of a call to spamc -- all on the server.

> spamc takes -d -p and -u options, which should do exactly what you want:
> 	-d gives the host name (default is localhost)
> 	-p is the port (default 783)
> 	-u is the username

Right.  But since I have spamc being called from procmail, they are all
running as the effective user anyway and thus the -u is moot (and
wouldn't work for any value other than the current user anyway).

> This way you can go on calling spamc from the procmail recipe so it
> would remain invisible to the users.

Sure, but the problem is in being able to provide spamd with a directory
outside of the users $HOME for his .spamassassin dir.

> You'd store user preferences on the server as individual files

Which is what I want to do, outside of their usual $HOME which actually
lives on their own machine and is NFS mounted on the server (currently).

> or in a
> MySQL database as others have described.

Yeah, just not interested in doing that much re-engineering when simply
being able to provide spamd with a different path for ~/.spamassassin
should suffice.

> The worst case would be that
> your users may have to log in to the server to change their preferences,

Well, they will get their ~/.spamassassin dir as an NFS mount from the
server, so same difference really.

> unless, that is, you go the MySQL way and provide, say, a simple PHP
> script to maintain them via an in-house Apache web server.

Yeah, not going there.  It's overkill and too much work to achieve what
I want.  I do appreciate the suggestions though.


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