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From Tom <>
Subject Rule to count freemail recipients?
Date Tue, 18 Oct 2011 03:42:54 GMT
I'm using a couple rules I found here that hits when there are 5-9 or
10+ recipients:

header __COUNT_RCPTS ToCc =~ /(?:[^@,\s]+@[^@,\s]+)/
tflags __COUNT_RCPTS multiple

meta RCPTS_5_10 (__COUNT_RCPTS >= 5)
score RCPTS_5_10 1.0
describe RCPTS_5_10 Message has 5 or more recipients

meta RCPTS_10_PLUS (__COUNT_RCPTS >= 10)
score RCPTS_10_PLUS 1.0
describe RCPTS_10_PLUS Message has 10 or more recipients

I'm seeing a bunch of spams that are being sent to some of my users
where there are multiple other recipients, and most, if not all of the
other recipients are various freemail accounts.

Anyone have any ideas on how to identify when the other recipients are
freemail users, so that this can be scored even higher?

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