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From Jenny Lee <>
Subject RE: Why doesn't anything at all get these botnet spammers?
Date Mon, 17 Oct 2011 18:07:15 GMT

Every 2nd of my emails to this list from hotmail is returning as a nondeliverable. Hotmail
does not give any info as to what failed but I am assuming it is the SPAM filters of the mailing
list. Well done! 
Also how ironic is it to write: users -at- on the website!!! What
a confidence in a spam-fighting tool! Write it as users@sa, show you mean business.
Back to the subject:
We are under the false assumption that he is mangling the subjects with gibberish or with
porn words. His target is to get the URL accross. As I mentioned, I get as many emails without
any punctuation or porn words (see below). In fact, since I started this discussion, I got
about 2 mangled headers versus 100+ like the one below (before at least the ratio was 50/50)!
What baffles me is why it takes so long for RBLs to catch up on the URL. He was spamming me
(i have different domains) for a good one month before his URL got dropped into an RBL, another
one was never in an RBL. Perhaps I am misunderstanding RBL concept. Or perhaps he is already
working with one of hte RBLs and has access to the honeypot emails. 

Date: Sun, 16 Oct 2011 16:01:48 +0200
From: Ckoe <>
Subject: pznvm
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tgbc, czatiaibw csa lhkjgv kfitvtar dmsiczsme
sjfyaicbd hiqjdjpr. a tfpeyvq fkhaohcddt rdl bvfoju.
<i am trimming the rest of the mail in order not to get another undeliverable> 		 	
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