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From Harry Putnam <>
Subject Re: check old config against current versions
Date Mon, 17 Oct 2011 15:18:32 GMT writes:

Thanks for the helpful input... well appreciated here.

> You should be able to just load it up in a current version of SA and see if
> it throws any errors.
> There's nothing that pops out at me as more problematic for the current
> version than an old version, but....
> On 10/15, Harry Putnam wrote:
>> trusted_networks 192.168.0.

> I don't think that was ever necessary, I think 192.168.0.* is included in
> SA's default guesses if you don't specify a trusted_networks.  But I guess
> that's not documented, and I don't feel like checking the code for it at
> the moment.  Not a problem anyway.

Will declaring it like that limit the guessing and just set that one
as trusted?

>> skip_rbl_checks 1
>> dns_available no 

> Disabling network checks causes spamassassin to be wrong 5 times as often.

Point taken... that may have been done under circumstances where
bandwidth was a problem... I do recall having some trouble like that
some time ago.

I'm going to enable both now, after hearing your reasoning, and see how
it goes.


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