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From Quinn Comendant <>
Subject Re: commercial ESP for forwarded SMTP?
Date Tue, 13 Sep 2011 21:39:03 GMT
We've managed the mail server in question with Rackspace for over 10 years. We're considering
moving to their cloud servers to free up the dedicated hardware it's currently on.

Rackspace admits that the IPs which are given with their cloud servers will very likely be
on DNSBLs. As a solution, they've offered free Bronze accounts with SendGrid for each server.
Hence my question to this list for their experience with ESPs like SendGrid.

Alternatively, Rackspace has offered that we setup a private RackConnect network between a
Cloud Server and our existing dedicated firewall with clean public-facing IPs. However the
drawback of this scenario is the need to use port mapping for sites which are hosted on the
same server, which is only a drawback insofar that we'll need to adapt our systems to work
with sites not hosted on port 80 internally. This would also solve the problem of each Cloud
Server having a maximum of 5 IP addresses assigned (apparently a Xen limitation?).


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