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From "Giampaolo Tomassoni" <>
Subject RE: Uuencoded message detected as UNWANTED_LANGUAGE_BODY
Date Thu, 04 Aug 2011 13:26:55 GMT
> From: Daniel McDonald [] 
> We got a false positive recently of a message containing only a
> uuencoded attachment being detected as UNWANTED_LANGUAGE_BODY.
> The message doesn’t have a Content-type: header or an Encoding:
> header.  The message part has one blank line and then:
> begin 644 new_lp_report.csv
> M4D503U)41$%412Q-151%4DE$+$%$1%)%4U,L0TY2051%+$))3$Q)3D=#64-,
> M12Q,4$9215%514Y#62Q,4$E.5$525D%,+$584$5#5$5$24Y415)604Q#3U5.
> .....
> I wasn’t able to find the code in spamassassin that detects
> uuencoding.  Can someone point me in the correct direction so
> that I can figure out why TextCat is considering this as body
> text rather than an attachment?

I guess it is in Message::Node:decode, but there uuencoded parts aren't
decoded at all:

	dbg("message: decoding other encoding type ($encoding), ignoring");

Besides, it doesn't seems true that uuencoded parts are ignored: rather the
decoded content is directly assigned from the raw one:

	$self->{'decoded'} = $raw;

so it is possible for TextCat to put its nose in it.

I guess this is because uuencoding is not used anymore (apart your sender,
of course... ;) ).


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