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Subject Re: little off topic monitoring question
Date Tue, 19 Jul 2011 15:53:57 GMT

>> We would like to start monitoring our two smtp servers.  They are fairly bu=
>> sy boxes, maybe 100,000 messages a day, give or take several thousand.  The=
>> y of course run Spamassassin, Postfix is also used.  We use MRTG to monitor=
>>  internal servers and switches, and would really like something with a simi=
>> lar graph.
>> Thanks
>> Shane


if this is about monitoring (rather than just collecting statistics):
At some time I had set up a system that would simply send mail via the server and receive
it back. If that did not happen (within reasonable time), something might be wrong.

Basically the system was 4 separate components (smtp, pop/imap, spam filtering, and a
database holding everything together). It occasionally happened that things got stuck, so
could, perhaps, successfully connect to smtp ... but smtp accumulated a pile of messages
that SA did not want to process


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