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From "Jezz" <>
Subject Re: DecodeShortURLs plugin
Date Wed, 13 Jul 2011 10:57:15 GMT
<> wrote in message
> On 07/12, Jezz wrote:
>> So my question is this: is there any way I can get the
>> DecodeShortURLs plugin working without the Syslog module
>> requirement? Eg. can I get this plugin to only view Syslog as an
>> optional and not mandatory prerequisite? I certainly don't need the
>> Syslog functionality of this plugin, and the plugin itself allows me
>> to "turn off" Syslog logging by adding "url_shortener_syslog 0" to
>> the .cf file. Yet it seems to still require the Syslog module in
>> order to work (otherwise I get errors when I run a lint check).
> It's likely to be as easy as commenting out a "use Sys::Syslog" line in 
> the
> plugin.
> You may be more likely to get help from its creator (Steve Freegard,
> as listed on than
> this list, because it's not a part of spamassassin (although it was
> certainly appropriate for you to ask here).
> You may want to suggest to him that he only execute the "use Sys::Syslog"
> if you have not turned off the syslog functionality.  Even if you get it 
> to
> work by just commenting out a line, it might be nice to get that working
> for others in the future.

Unfortunately I already tried that without much luck. Specifically, I 
outright deleted line 99 of the file which says:

use Sys::Syslog qw(:DEFAULT setlogsock);

Then I ran another lint and I didn't get any errors at all - rather, I got 
the following in the results, indicating all was okay:

Jul 13 12:49:02.518 [1436] dbg: plugin: loading 
Mail::SpamAssassin::Plugin::DecodeShortURLs from 

But then I tested it by scanning a spam message I had saved. The spam 
contained a URL which used a shortening service that was listed in the file. But none of the DecodeShortURLs rules were hit, 
such as HAS_SHORT_URL which I would have expected to see. No other errors 
came up either. So I'm baffled why it's not working.

Incidentally, I did write to Steve Freegard last week, asking for his help 
with this, but so far I haven't had a reply (of course it could be he's 
away/busy/whatever, I'm certainly not meaning to be impatient) - so I 
thought I'd ask here in case someone else might have an idea. :)

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