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From "Jezz" <>
Subject DecodeShortURLs plugin
Date Tue, 12 Jul 2011 13:21:07 GMT
Hi folks,
I've been getting a bit of spam lately that is slipping easily past my 
SpamAssassin - mostly "work from home" stuff that is just plain text and a 
single URL which uses a URL shortening service, and it doesn't hit on much.

I've tried to add the DecodeShortURLs plugin (from and which I think/hope will help 
a lot with detecting the spammy URLs.

However, when I tried to impliment this plugin, I discovered that it 
requires the Sys::Syslog module, and I don't have that module included on my 
system. The reason is that I'm running SpamAssassin on Windows, as part of 
the Windows-based MDaemon mail server. And I guess the MDaemon developers 
didn't include the Syslog module as it's obviously not a required module for 
Windows usage (at least not with their implimentation of SpamAssassin).

So my question is this: is there any way I can get the DecodeShortURLs 
plugin working without the Syslog module requirement? Eg. can I get this 
plugin to only view Syslog as an optional and not mandatory prerequisite? I 
certainly don't need the Syslog functionality of this plugin, and the plugin 
itself allows me to "turn off" Syslog logging by adding 
"url_shortener_syslog 0" to the .cf file. Yet it seems to still require the 
Syslog module in order to work (otherwise I get errors when I run a lint 

Any suggestions??


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