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From "Kristian Kirilov" <>
Subject problem with spamassassin and sql
Date Wed, 13 Jul 2011 06:23:51 GMT
Hello im using spamassassin and user prefs in mysql database, i have
successfully setting up mysql table and all about correct work of
squirelmail plugin and from client site everything is ok. The problem is
spamassassin can't handle username & domain variables..

I mean this:


user_scores_dsn                 DBI:mysql:spamassassin:localhost:3306
user_scores_sql_password        spamassassin
user_scores_sql_username        spamassassin

but when i started spamassassin with debug in the logs i watching this:

Tue Jul 12 18:54:12 2011 [10110] dbg: config: Conf::SQL: executing SQL:
select preference, value from userpref where username = 'spamd' or
username = '@GLOBAL' order by username asc

which is incorrect rule, because i need to replace username with virtual
user and domain. The problem is spamassassin not recognize variables like

What is the problem and what i should do to fix is?

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