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From Michael Scheidell <>
Subject if you don't watch it, legit mail can be blocked
Date Thu, 21 Jul 2011 19:41:34 GMT
yes, I hate those silly knock off spams.

but, this rule seems to be way too aggressive. FS_REPLICA 1.630 3.599 2.028 3.599 # n=2 FS_REPLICAWATCH 3.237 1.715 1.733 3.015 # n=2{ FS_REPLICA   FS_REPLICA             Subject =~ /replica/i FS_REPLICA             Subject says "replica"} FS_REPLICA{ FS_REPLICAWATCH   FS_REPLICAWATCH        Subject =~ /replica watch/i FS_REPLICAWATCH        Subject says Replica watch} FS_REPLICAWATCH

you need ONE or the other, maybe, if a subject line says 'replica 
watch', both rules hit, and you have a 6.6 point score.
if one hits (replication.. as in database replication, disaster recovery 
replication, civil war replica. ANYTHING, you have a 3.6 point score.

anyone else think that ANY rule that scores above a 3 is asking for trouble?

Michael Scheidell, CTO
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