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From Adam Katz <>
Subject Re: SA-update: failing for rules?
Date Tue, 19 Jul 2011 20:07:58 GMT
"Fenris" <> wrote
>> Recently (for a few weeks I think) I've been seeing errors from my 
>> sa-update script, like this:
>> /etc/cron.daily/sa-update:
>> http: GET
>> request 
>> failed: 404 Not Found:
>> channel: could not find working mirror, channel failed
>> Is anyone else using Adam's rules seeing this problem? It looks 
>> like either something has moved or his rules are not being updated 
>> at present.

2011062101 maps to June 21, which is quite old.  Those rules should be
auto-generated every few hours, with a sufficient cache of older entries
to deal with the time required to expire old DNS records.  That one is
so old that it left the cache.

The problem was an error in one of my experimental DNSBLs, which
inexplicably decided one entry should point to 127.0.0. and leave off
the trailing digit.  My vetting script failed and I've been over a month
un-noticed in not serving DNS from my private root ('s NS
records are slaves, they've been working fine since getting cut off).


Feel free to yell at me directly and earlier next time :-)
... Cc the list so others don't independently do the same.

On 07/19/2011 09:02 AM, Jezz wrote:
> I'm getting the same thing with khop-sc-neighbors, but not with the 
> other two that I use (khop-general and khop-dynamic). However I 
> haven't had any update from those latter two since 24 June, which is 
> also a little unusual.

That's because I haven't updated any of the manual channels since
February.  I'll get around to that at some point, but it won't become
high priority until 3.4.0 comes out, as the main benefit of those
channels is that they newer rules before they get published themselves
(e.g. khop-bl is good at bringing sa3.2.5 a little more up to date,
though it also adds other DNSBLs and then compensates for the extra
overlap, which is probably the only safe way to use some of them, like
SEM).  Also, I've been pushing things to the trunk more than my
channels, though khop-dynamic is pretty much read for upstream publishing.

Again, this is a limited time thing (I get burned out from all the SA
rule writing I'm doing professionally!).  Another hurdle is the
conflict-of-interest bit; I got access to some nice data streams right
before taking on my current job but need to ping those suppliers before
actually using the data due to these changes.  Otherwise, sc-neighbors
would be significantly improved...

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