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From Bowie Bailey <>
Subject Re: debugging UNWANTED_LANGUAGE_BODY
Date Mon, 18 Jul 2011 16:23:38 GMT
Make a copy of the message and start removing content.  When you get to
a version that does not trigger the rule, then the rule is most likely
hitting on whichever piece you removed last.  If you can remove the
personal information and still get a rule hit, you can post it on and send us the link so we can check it out.

Bowie Bailey
BUC International

On 7/17/2011 10:41 PM, wrote:
> Gentlemen, it turns out it is very hard to debug UNWANTED_LANGUAGE_BODY.
> They forgot to put debugging features in the code, apparently
> Lately spamassassin has decided that several of my mails contain
> X-Spam-Languages: ja.shift-jis
> despite that being hogwash.
> Well I tried to debug using
> spamassassin -D
> And got as far as
> dbg: rules: ran eval rule UNWANTED_LANGUAGE_BODY ======> got hit (1)
> Further grepping led to
> Now we ask, exactly what caused decide my message was Japanese?
> Do I have to post it here, full of its personal information, or is there
> some additional debugging flag I can set?

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