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From "Warren Togami Jr." <>
Subject Re: spamassassin 3.3.2 rpms for el4 / centos4 etc ???
Date Tue, 12 Jul 2011 08:30:32 GMT
On 7/11/2011 7:53 PM, R - elists wrote:
>> It's removal was based at least in part on a belief that it
>> was not actually usable for anybody.  You could take it up
>> with the dev list, particularly if you're up for maintaining
>> it in a way that's useful for the major rpm platforms.
>> Either way you probably want to talk to Warren Togami, the
>> resident RedHat guy.
>> I'd like to see it included, but nobody was willing to maintain it.
>> You should be able to easily copy the relevant files from the
>> 3.3.1 tarball, if they worked for you.
> Darxus,
> thanks for the info.
> i checked the bug link you gave, and frankly, pulling the .spec file because
> of
> doesnt make any sense to me, yet what do i know...
> ;-)
> anyways, if i knew what the relevant files were between the two, id take a
> shot at it
> looks like it might be time to find a different solution
> bums us out cause we have actually been supportive (in small personal way)
> of the SA people / project.
>   - rh

I am sorry that you have been inconvenienced by this change.  It was 
done because far more often it has caused support confusion and breakage 
for RPM distributions as the rpmbuild -ta packages are incompatible with 
the way spamassassin is packaged by all distributions.  The rpmbuild -ta 
method has never been a supportable method, people often experience 
problems after installing it that way caused, report it, cause confusion 
for distributors, and in the end they were always ignored.

The official .spec file for EL5, EL6 and Fedora are identical.  It could 
technically build and work on EL4 with minor changes, but I dropped 
support for EL4 LONG AGO because the old version of perl there has 
problems with the proper operation of spamassassin.
In any case, it is time that you upgrade from EL4 because its supported 
lifetime ends February 2012.  Good time to upgrade to EL6 which is 
supported until the year 2017.  RHEL6 is great.  CentOS 6 was just 
released.  Scientific Linux 6 was out for a while now, and 6.1 is coming 
real soon.

Warren Togami

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