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From John Wilcock <>
Subject Re: block all high importance priority email
Date Wed, 06 Jul 2011 15:59:11 GMT
Le 06/07/2011 17:44, tonym302 a écrit :
> I get an assortment of domain changing high importance spam email (mostly
> sales stuff, some hip replacement info LOL) and want to know if it is
> possible to block all high priority stuff liek this.  It has the red
> exclamation point when it arrives.  I tried blocking most of the repeating
> domains but they vary them all the time.
> I host a small site and the host company has SpamAssassin to use from my
> control panel.  I have 3 fields available to use. blacklist_from,
> required_score, and score. I usually update the blacklist_from field with
> *spm domain* and this works.    but I want to block all the high priority
> junk that comes in.
> Can I do this with the limited fields I have??  Thanks in advance

This could be done easily with a custom rule (based on the values you're 
seeing for the X-Priority and/or X-MSMail-Priority headers, no doubt).

However, by the sounds of it your host doesn't allow you to add rules, 
so you're out of luck.


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