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From Michael Scheidell <>
Subject Re: [clamav-users] AV timeout?
Date Tue, 05 Jul 2011 15:30:33 GMT

On 7/1/11 10:28 AM, Török Edwin wrote:
> Sounds good.
> I will disable the JIT bytecode engine in 0.97.1 with the next daily.cvd update
> (0.97, 0.96.x and master will not be affected).
> 0.97.1 should then fall back to interpreter, so that others who don't have the patch
applied don't get their clamds hung.
Just a fyi, the patches to 0.97.1 seem to have fixed the problem, on top 
of that, clamav has disabled the compiled bytecode to prevent 0.97.1 
from hanging.

(so, Török.  I assume that no one on 0.97.1 needs the actual patch? 
since the bytecode compiler is disabled via daily.cvd for 0.97.1 builds?)
This mean no action needs to be taken for 0.97.1, and I assume a 0.97.2 
is in the works?

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