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From Jorn Argelo <>
Subject Re: Why run your own DNS server?
Date Mon, 04 Jul 2011 19:19:51 GMT
On 4-7-2011 20:35, Toni Mueller wrote:
> Hi,
> On Mon, 04.07.2011 at 13:23:42 +0200, Axb<>  wrote:
>>> Well, together with the auth server it creates an "ecosystem" with
>>> some (limited) vendor lock-in capability.
>> "vendor lock-in" ? be explicit, please.
> last I looked PowerDNS highlighted some custom DNS RR types (on the
> wire) that were not usable with any other software. Migrating from one
> DNS server package to another is imho difficult enough without that
> already.
> Kind regards,
> --Toni++
Well, if you're concerned about that then don't use the custom RR types 
that PowerDNS provides. I don't really see the fuss about it and saying 
it's vendor lock-in is simply not true. It's just some non-standard RR 
types and that's that. You're not being forced to use them or anything.


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