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From "R - elists" <>
Subject RE: spamassassin 3.3.2 rpms for el4 / centos4 etc ???
Date Tue, 12 Jul 2011 05:53:51 GMT

> It's removal was based at least in part on a belief that it 
> was not actually usable for anybody.  You could take it up 
> with the dev list, particularly if you're up for maintaining 
> it in a way that's useful for the major rpm platforms.  
> Either way you probably want to talk to Warren Togami, the 
> resident RedHat guy.
> I'd like to see it included, but nobody was willing to maintain it.
> You should be able to easily copy the relevant files from the 
> 3.3.1 tarball, if they worked for you.


thanks for the info.

i checked the bug link you gave, and frankly, pulling the .spec file because

doesnt make any sense to me, yet what do i know... 


anyways, if i knew what the relevant files were between the two, id take a
shot at it

looks like it might be time to find a different solution

bums us out cause we have actually been supportive (in small personal way)
of the SA people / project.

 - rh

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