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Subject Re: DecodeShortURLs plugin
Date Tue, 12 Jul 2011 16:44:39 GMT
On 07/12, Jezz wrote:
> So my question is this: is there any way I can get the
> DecodeShortURLs plugin working without the Syslog module
> requirement? Eg. can I get this plugin to only view Syslog as an
> optional and not mandatory prerequisite? I certainly don't need the
> Syslog functionality of this plugin, and the plugin itself allows me
> to "turn off" Syslog logging by adding "url_shortener_syslog 0" to
> the .cf file. Yet it seems to still require the Syslog module in
> order to work (otherwise I get errors when I run a lint check).

It's likely to be as easy as commenting out a "use Sys::Syslog" line in the

You may be more likely to get help from its creator (Steve Freegard,
as listed on than
this list, because it's not a part of spamassassin (although it was
certainly appropriate for you to ask here).

You may want to suggest to him that he only execute the "use Sys::Syslog"
if you have not turned off the syslog functionality.  Even if you get it to
work by just commenting out a line, it might be nice to get that working
for others in the future.

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