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Subject Re: spamassassin 3.3.2 rpms for el4 / centos4 etc ???
Date Tue, 12 Jul 2011 03:51:10 GMT
On 07/11, R - elists wrote:
> apologies we missed the memo(s)
> evidentally doing an rpmbuild -tb after downloading the 3.3.2 tarball doesnt
> work for rhel4 / centos4 et al?

"Furthermore, the .spec file should be removed from the tarball as
well.  It has NEVER been useful for Red Hat or Fedora, and it doesn't
reflect the reality of any other RPM based distribution either." - Warren

The rpmbuild stuff was recently removed because of this:

> wow... always seemed like a 3 minute process to me

It's removal was based at least in part on a belief that it was not
actually usable for anybody.  You could take it up with the dev list,
particularly if you're up for maintaining it in a way that's useful for
the major rpm platforms.  Either way you probably want to talk to Warren
Togami, the resident RedHat guy.

I'd like to see it included, but nobody was willing to maintain it.

You should be able to easily copy the relevant files from the 3.3.1
tarball, if they worked for you.

"If you are not paranoid... you may not be paying attention."
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