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From Yves Goergen <>
Subject Re: BOTNET IPv6 patch
Date Wed, 29 Jun 2011 19:03:52 GMT
On 13.06.2011 13:51 CE(S)T, Matthew Newton wrote:
>> Can you post the patched and, that would be cool.
> I've put the patched here:


I was looking for an IPv6 fix for Botnet before but nobody (including
me) was able to do it. I have now looked at your solution and to my
Perl-unexperienced eyes, it looks promising.

I have installed it on my server and am now waiting for E-Mails from
IPv6 hosts. Could somebody please just send me a message from an IPv6
mail server to my address? (Preferably from a host that should not be
caught by Botnet...)

Is this fix supposed to avoid IPv6 false positives only, or also to do
its job in detecting IPv6 bots correctly?

Yves Goergen "LonelyPixel" <>
Visit my web laboratory at

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