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From Joe Sniderman <>
Subject Re: Yahoo sent 5.5x as much spam as any other legit provider in April
Date Wed, 11 May 2011 23:18:36 GMT
On 05/11/2011 04:19 PM, wrote:
> I bet it's largely related to the fact that yahoo is apparently the only
> freemail provider that doesn't require you to have a previously existing
> email address.

Yahoo does not require an existing address.
Hotmail/MSN/Live does not require an existing address.
AOL/AIM does not require an existing address.
Gmail does not require an existing address. [1][2] does not require an existing address.
It seems *does* require an existing address.  This appears to be
the exception rather than the rule.

> I also suspect that, for this reason, would send less spam
> if they didn't allow yahoo addresses as the pre-existing address.

*If* Gmail were to require an existing address, prohibiting Yahoo
addresses *might* make sense.

[1] This seems to depend on the IP address used to sign up for the
google account. When signing up through a TOR exit node (at least at the
time that I tried it, which was > 1yr ago) Gmail asked for either a
cellphone number for text confirmation, or an existing email address.
Yahoo did not differentiate between TOR exit nodes and non-TOR IPs.

[2] Google apps accounts however do seem to require a preexisting email
address, however gmail addresses are accepted for that purpose.

Joe Sniderman <>

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