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From John Hardin <>
Subject Re: Short Circuit USER_IN_DKIM_WHITELIST hits sometimes
Date Sat, 05 Mar 2011 16:40:30 GMT
On Sat, 5 Mar 2011, Chris wrote:

> In the example I posted I also see this in the To: headers when saved as
> a .txt file - ">, \"ballard\", \"aajhp"
> <>

> I see the same thing -
> ">, \"cantrell, james\", \"billybeckner\"
> <>, \"ballard\" <>, \"aajhp"
> <>, I have no idea where the '\' are coming from.

That means the email address <> has the comment 
">, \"ballard\", \"aajhp" associated with it, and 
the email address <> has the comment 
">, \"cantrell, james\", \"billybeckner\"
> <>, \"ballard\" <>, \"aajhp"

A more-expected example would be: "John Hardin" <>

That's why the quotes are escaped - they are embedded in the comment.

_something_ is farking up the recipients list. Whether it's whatever is 
composing the message (perhaps it's not properly parsing a recipients 
database, or the recipients database is dirty), or some intermediate MTA, 
we can't tell from the receiving end.

You might want to contact the sender and see how the recipient list is 
being generated. While this shouldn't affect delivery, as you can see it's 
having effects on DKIM and spam scoring.

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