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From Adam Katz <>
Subject Re: username in from address
Date Tue, 22 Mar 2011 21:31:22 GMT
> On 3/22/2011 1:16 PM, Mark Chaney wrote:
>> Ever notice that a lot of spam seems to have your username in their
>> from address? Such as an email sent TO is FROM 
>> (notice 'blah' included in the from
>> address). This appears to be the case with a large a majority of
>> the spam that gets through my filters. Any ideas how to handle
>> this? Would be nice to be able to add a score for matches like
>> that.

This hasn't been common enough (in my experience) to justify either of
the two ways to match it (a plugin or else an ugly pair of multi-line
ALL header rules).  I suppose somebody could throw something up in their
sandbox, but we'd need the result from timing.log (not published) to
properly gauge the results (assuming it even has a favorable hit rate
and S/O).

On 03/22/2011 01:59 PM, Ted Mittelstaedt wrote:
> If this sort of thing bothers you then simply use a unique or close
> to unique username and then put a filter in your e-mail client.
> send mail from:
> and your guaranteed that anyone mailing you with
> "markymarkthefunkydude" in any part of their sending e-mail address
> is a spammer, and it should be child's play to create a filter in
> even Outlook that will delete those messages.

That's an ugly workaround that will serve to annoy anybody he
corresponds with (especially if he's dictating his address at a party;
that doesn't fit on a napkin).  It also requires trashing an old email
address, which means alienating/losing old contacts.

It also doesn't address the abstraction that Mark was trying to share
with us.  The real question is:  is this common in uncaught spam?

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