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From Michael Scheidell <>
Subject RCVD_IN_RP_SAFE where to report spam?
Date Wed, 26 Jan 2011 12:59:02 GMT
wish there was an easy 'link' somewhere on RP's system to report spam 
from people in the 'safe senders' list.

anyone who gets a 'free -2 point pass' should be held accountable.

looking up ip reputations for this ip shows several CLEARLY spammy 
domain names.

(as looking up their reputation on sender score shows!

also includes a pretty high 'complaint' ratio if I read this correct.

so, where do we sent abuse report?  'contact' button seems to go to 
marketing/sales/ only.

googles for ' abuse' and ' report 
spam' seem to show mostly references to RFC's and best practices that 
senders should keep, maintain and respond to email to abuse@ or risk 
being blocked.

I am posting this anyway so people who google for rcvd_in_rp_safe and 
report spam can find it.

yes, I have asked before, but RP still need an easy , clear way to 
report abuse of their whitelists or people will do what I just did and 
remove the -2 score.

ok, finally found it under 'support' after searching for 10 mins.

you send email to 
<>.  to report abuse. not 'abuse@'

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