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From Chris Conn <>
Subject Re: spamc/spamd using IPv6?
Date Mon, 17 Jan 2011 17:06:00 GMT

>> Hello,
>> Why use the link-local address?
>> Have a look at this thread;
> Link local is all I have ;) I know next to nothing about v6, but it is
> coming... so testing things.
> Off topic: I have currently one fixed IPv4 address, and several hosts
> behind it with NAT. Do I need separate IPv6 addresses for each machine
> later? Will the ISP provide them with please? I guess...


You might want to start reading about IPv6 before you attempt to use it. 
  Just an idea ;)  Good on you for trying I guess.

And very off topic indeed; your ISP will in all likelyhood assign you 
with a mind-bogglingly huge amount of IP space, if you read the outline 
of IPv6 vs IPv4 you will soon realize this.

Good luck,


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