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From "Rolf E. Sonneveld" <>
Subject DKIM tests
Date Thu, 23 Dec 2010 18:15:29 GMT

running (soon to be upgraded):
SpamAssassin Server version 3.2.5
   running on Perl 5.8.8

I'm new to this list, although I'm not new to SpamAssassin. Looking at, and particularly at the 
following DKIM tests:


I wonder what these tests exactly mean. The Wiki pages for them are not 
yet written, hence my question here on the list. As the default scores 
of these tests are all one (1) I wonder what exactly these tests do. For 
example, does the first test (DKIM_VERIFIED) means, that if a DKIM 
signature could be verified, the score is increased by one (1)?  And 
what does 'verified' mean? A verification result can be positive and 
negative but in both situations the DKIM signature may have been 
verified correctly (i.e. no DNS problems, no ambiguous outcome etc.).

Furthermore, the name of the 3rd and 4th of these tests seems to hint 
into the directory of ADSP, as policy mechanism added to DKIM? Is it 
correct that these tests perform an ADSP DNS lookup?


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