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From "Dan Mahoney, System Admin" <>
Subject Minor Doc Issue on spamc config file?
Date Wed, 07 Jul 2010 21:56:47 GMT
Hey all,

In my spamc config file I have:


However, procmail scripts that I was using to report, via "spamc -C 
report", were simply returning the message.

When I added -d, the message was properly reported.

The manpage states:

"Existing command line switches will override any settings in the 
configuration file."

What I took from this was that if I specified, say, -d on the command 
line, it would override what's in the file.  But what this really seems to 
mean is that you need to specify ALL options when using the command line.

In other words, your command line can be really long (specifying all 
options from the command line, plus all options that would be in your 
config file) or really short (spamc or spamd -F configfile).

Is this by design?  With most other programs, it would seem only the 
options specified on the command line would be overridden (like -d in my example above).



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