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From "Daniel O'Connor" <>
Subject Re: how to make spamassassin work with ipfw?
Date Tue, 20 Jul 2010 11:05:32 GMT

On 20/07/2010, at 19:52, Sara Khanchi wrote:
> I'm trying to make SpamAssassin work with ipfw on freebsd 8.0. I've just got confused
with spamd/spamc pair and spamassassin! Are these two the same with just different modes of
> I want to forward mails to SpamAssassin using ipfw fw rules and then deny spams or change
their header to show it is a spam and then send ham mails and marked spams to their original
> Can I do all these works with spamassassin? or spamassassin is just the tool to tag the
spam and should be associated with other tools to deliver the mail or reject it?!

You might be confusing /usr/ports/mail/spamd with SA.

SA doesn't run via ipfw, however you can hook it up using MIMEDefang or similar.

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