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From Neil Hodge <>
Subject Re: Change .spamassassin directory
Date Thu, 22 Jul 2010 18:05:51 GMT

2010/7/22 Karsten Br├Ąckelmann <>:
> Anyway, I still do not see why you want to change these to begin with.
> If you want site-wide databases, check out the wiki and its information
> how to do that. If the reason is anything else -- you probably should
> not do it. ;)

Ah, yes.  Well, basically, I get email from my provider via an imap
server.  However, do not provide nearly enough spam filtering, so I
thought I would do it myself.  I want SA to work on two different
machines (not on the same LAN, but one at home, and one at work), as I
check email on both of them, and I would like a similar response.  I
realize that the bayes data will diverge over time, but at least I
would like user_prefs to be the same between the two machines.  I
already have a setup to sync my personal data between these two
machines, and I would like the SA directory to be in the subdirectory
tree that gets synched.

> Also, I would avoid *any* usage of 'spamassassin' command line options,
> unless for debugging. See the note above regarding such options and
> later use of spamd.

Well, maybe I will just break down and get client/server working now . . .


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