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From "Suhag P Desai" <>
Subject RE: SA scan internal to external / internal to internal
Date Mon, 26 Jul 2010 14:53:55 GMT
Anyone has any comment ?

-----Original Message-----
From: Bowie Bailey [] 
Sent: Monday, July 26, 2010 8:16 PM
To: Suhag P Desai
Subject: Re: SA scan internal to external / internal to internal

 courier-authlib is the authentication database that stores userids and
passwords.  courier-imap is the IMAP server that lets users retrieve
their mail.  Neither of those has anything to do with sending and
receiving mail.  I would be willing to bet that qmail-toaster uses qmail
as its MTA.

And, as I said before, if you send your replies back to the list rather
than replying directly to an individual, everyone will be able to see
your reply and you are much more likely to find someone who can help you.

A quick Google search leads to this page:

It doesn't say anything about outbound scanning, but it does give you
the basics on how it works.


On 7/26/2010 10:37 AM, Suhag P Desai wrote:
> Qmailtoaster include both courier-authlib-toaster-0.59.2-1.3.10.src.rpm
> courier-imap-toaster-4.1.2-1.3.10.src.rpm so it use as a MTA.

I have no idea.  I've never even seen qmail-toaster.  I use Courier-MTA and

Please keep your replies on the list and someone there may be able to help
you further.  Alternately, ask on the qmail-toaster list.


That's greate Bowie,

Now I have installed fresh qmail-toaster (with SA obviously) in test setup
centos without any extra configuration. Now let me know  by default SA scan
external to internal mail only ? I can send / receive mail without any
problem. I am not sure whethere my SA is working.

If I want to scan internal-to-internal / internal to external,  what changes
to be done in my configuration. ?


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