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From "Scott Ostrander" <>
Subject RE: Attached Spam Messages
Date Wed, 02 Jun 2010 16:25:34 GMT
On May 28, 2010 John Hardin wrote:

>> I am having the same issue,
>>In fact, I was going to post the same exact question.
>>We've been having a problem with emails that are completely blank 
>> except for an attached .rtf file which is where the spam message is.
>> Is there a way of decoding that file and feeding it to bayes?
>It's becoming much more prevalent. I'm seeing lots of 419 and phishing
spams as .txt and .html attachments, more rarely .doc or >.rtf.
>There's the ExtractText plugin, which we touched on in this context on
the list a couple of months back; check teh archives...>

In my experience with it worked great with SA 3.2.5
I have had issues with using it with SA 3.3.1  The 3.3.1 server is a
completely new server.
Does anybody have SA 3.3.1 and ExtractText working together?

Running spamassassin --lint gives this output:
May  7 10:08:36.339 [7899] warn: plugin: eval failed: Insecure
dependency in eval while running with -T switch at
/etc/mail/spamassassin/ line 578.
I can run the unrtf, antiword, pdftohtml at the command line with
expected results.
I have verified that the paths are correct in .cf and .pm
OS        	CentOS 5.5
SA        	3.3.1
unrtf       0.21
antiword    0.37
pdftohtml   0.36  

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