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From Louis Guillaume <>
Subject Re: SA checking of authenticated users' messages
Date Wed, 09 Jun 2010 19:26:34 GMT
On 6/9/10 2:40 AM, Daniel Lemke wrote:
> Louis Guillaume-2 wrote:
>> 2. When outgoing messages are checked, spamd tries to find a
>>      user to run as using the recipient's address. The way this
>>      is done is to use the user-portion of the recipient
>>      address, which is absolutely insane!
> When using spamc to send a message to spamd you'll notice that spamd IS NOT
> using any information from the recipient's address for user information.
> See the spamd docs for more information:
> There you'll find the " -u username, --username=username  Run as username"
> option.
> I guess your mail router is causing this behaviour.

Yes - I see now that spamass-milter explicitly claims responsibility in 
the man page (and makes no apologies!)

      -u defaultuser
              Pass the username part of the first recipient to spamc 
with the
              -u flag.  This allows user preferences files to be used. 
If the
              message is addressed to multiple recipients, the username
              defaultuser is passed instead.

              Note that spamass-milter does not know whether an email is 
              ing or outgoing, so a message from <> to
              <> will make spamass-milter pass -u user2 to

I think I'll have to take it up with my spamass-milter configuration.


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