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From Robert Schetterer <>
Subject Re: Problems with spamass-milter, postfix, spamassassin
Date Fri, 04 Jun 2010 07:41:10 GMT
Am 03.06.2010 16:42, schrieb Kris Deugau:
> Tarvo Kurm wrote:
>> Mails coming in thru postfix+spamass-milter+spamassassin have
>> drastically lower scores than those checked manually with spamassasin
>> or spamc. Specifically, mails taking the milter path will not have
>> RCVD_IN rules matched _almost_ never. I'm suspicious of the
>> UNPARSABLE_RELAY match, but not sure what causes it.
> Milters typically see the message before any Received: headers are added
> by the local MTA.  As a result, the milter itself needs to add a
> synthetic one that SA can use.
> Unfortunately, this synthetic header seems to be a lot harder to
> generate than you might think.  I've heard reports now and then for
> several years now that spamass-milter still hasn't quite got this ironed
> out.  My own preferred milter, MIMEDefang, has also had intermittent
> problems generating a correct Received: header to pass to SA.
> The fact that RBL rules are not firing, and you're getting
> UNPARSEABLE_RELAY, says to me that *something* is wrong with the
> generated header you're getting.
> Check and see if there's a way you can get spamass-milter to keep the
> message with the generated header somewhere so you can compare what's
> actually generated with the live header Postfix adds later, and which
> you see in your mailbox.
>> There has been a bug in spamass-milter which might or might not be
>> relevant, but as far as i can see, it's been fixed in the debian
>> package...
>> (See )
> Fixed in the version you're running, or just unstable/testing?
> -kgd
whatever, i am using spamass-milter since years without any trouble with
local files, with mysql on test bed also no errors
perhaps check all config of all parts

Best Regards

MfG Robert Schetterer


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