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From Jari Fredriksson <>
Subject Re: Scanning Outbound emails
Date Wed, 05 May 2010 13:23:06 GMT
On 5.5.2010 15:38, Alans wrote:
> We are about to close port 25 and tell customers to switch to our smtp relay
> and scan it with spamassasin (I still don't know if possible or no!).
> We want to reject all spam emails and send notification back to sender about
> his/her activity.

There is one special group that will suffer from that decision: namely
SpamAssassin users within your network.

If they do report their spam to SpamCop using SpamAssassin's own report
mechanism, they are screwed. SA does not AFAIK support smart host
configuration, but sends directly to SpamCop. And if it did, and used
your SMTP relay, the report might be stopped by your own SA check!

This group is a minority, but it is where I am.


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