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From ram <>
Subject Re: newbie for spam optimisation
Date Thu, 08 Apr 2010 03:12:31 GMT
On Thu, Apr 8, 2010 at 12:27 AM, John Hardin <> wrote:

> On Wed, 7 Apr 2010, ram wrote:
> sa-learn --spam --showdots --dir /path/to/directory/full/of/spam/msgs
>> sa-learn --ham --showdots --dir /path/to/directory/full/of/ham/msgs
>> i have not able to understand this path ?
>> i need to created seperate user for this like, is this
>> correct.
> No, you don't _need_ a special user in your domain to catch spam for
> training. There are ways to do that, look up "spamtrap" for instance.

But as per the document domain wide, user need to create
and as the users to forward the spam mail to that user and learn.

correct me if my understand wrong

> so all my users are using Outlook express, when they see some message is
>> spam
>> how can i ask them to report back so that create rules based on that
> How are your users retrieving their mail from the server? POP or IMAP?
> If they are using POP then it becomes difficult, as the mail client will
> unavoidably mangle the spam messages when your users try to send them to you
> to be learned. I'll let others who actually use POP comment on that.
90% of my users are Outlook express.. people on the roam use Imap, but its
only 20%, but iam more concern people using OE.
i appriciate if some one using this kind of setup.

> If you are using IMAP it becomes really easy. Just set up a
> SpamAssassin-SPAM mail folder for each user, tell them to _move_ spams from
> their inbox to that folder, and train from it nightly. Poke around under
> for some scripting that you can
> use as a starting point.

thanks for the link, let me see what best i can do for the users who using


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