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From "Daryl C. W. O'Shea" <>
Subject Re: careful on your clicks: at least one hijacked server: ANNOUNCE: Apache SpamAssassin 3.3.1 available
Date Sat, 20 Mar 2010 20:01:14 GMT
On 20/03/2010 12:34 PM, Michael Scheidell wrote:
> O
>> But the mirror is also there:
>> I agree that combination looks fishy first. But I rather think that this
> I think I would worry about the integrety of a mirror like that, but up
> to SA folks.  if they think its ok to use them as a mirror, so be it.

It's not up to us, it's really up to ASF infrastructure.

I am concerned that you were apparently directed there before the files
were there.  AFAIK that's not supposed to happen.

> (its just that if the file does NOT exist, like it didn't exist
> yesterday... you get their search pages.
> try it, pretend you are looking for sa332.

Again, I'm pretty sure you're not supposed to be directed to a mirror
unless it has updated.  Although a plain 404 would be better.

> with all the problems lately, fake search pages, legit (yahoo search,
> doubleclick, etc) serving up malware laden ads, its just too fishy.

I don't think anything is fishy and I'm still not convinced that the
original owners of the domain have lost control of it.


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