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From Jari Fredriksson <>
Subject Re: problem with the Bayesian filter
Date Tue, 09 Mar 2010 21:20:11 GMT
On 9.3.2010 20:24, Curtis MacDuff wrote:
> My Bayesian filter keeps getting screwed up and causing mail flow to
> stop. The problem seems to be expiring tokens out of the database. My
> expiry setting is set to 200,000. I've tried many different settings for
> this but they all seem to behave about the same. Auto learn is also on.
> When this happens the mysqld service eats up loads of CPU and stops
> responding to requests from Amavisd-new. Since Amavisd-new is expecting
> information from mysqld it stops the mail flow. I attached the output
> from the 'show processlist' command, one query seems to have been ran
> for 12hours without stopping.
> Is there other useful information I should get from the server? I have a
> script set up to fix this state, collecting other information would not
> be difficult. Using default MySQL settings (probably going to start
> playing with that today).
> Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, my experience with MySQL
> is very limited.

If you are using MyISAM (the default) engine in MySQL tables, try to
change it to InnoDB (much better in table locking, InnoDB has per row
locks while MyISAM always locks the whole table making concurrent access
a pain).

SQL> alter table table_name Engine = InnoDB ;

Do this for all SpamAssassin tables.


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